This is Jon Strahl, Katie Moore, and Vince Booth (L-R). We love bringing people together and mountain adventures. We are experimenting with what is possible in a community-driven mountain event that is challenging and exuberant, while raising awareness and money for a good cause. 2017 was the “proof of concept” (it was funnn). In 2018, with Catherine Kuhn on the director team, the race grew a little in size and a lot in joy. In 2019, now joined by Katie, this race could run for president.

Our goal is that this race appeals to both seasoned speedsters and absolute newcomers to trail running. Each of us considers these long mountain races as true peak experiences, getting our minds and bodies into unfamiliar, rejuvenating, and invigorating realms. Making this a full weekend party creates a space for the anticipation and the celebration to be shared and sustained. It is an incredible honor and so much fun to create the opportunity for others to have these experiences. Not to toot our horns too much, but we were overjoyed to receive this note after the race in 2017, from Mollie Royer:

“By organizing this event and believing in your friends and community I now know what else I am capable of. I really did not think I would make the full RCI. I was so anxious going into it. Nervous poops all week. I hadn’t trained as much as I wanted. 32 felt like it was catching up to me. But, I did know that you all would put on something awesome and I trusted that. There were many times, especially between stations 1 and 2 where I thought, No fucking way. But then I just kept going. I kept running. Kept smiling and was really motivated to finish. Thank you. Thank you for providing the space and the time for such an experience.”

Fees cover the costs of the event (food, drink, run, camping, party, swag) and a donation to the Chelan Douglas Land Trust, a local environmental organization that is working on the Upper Wenatchee Community Land Plan, which includes the very land we will be running through.

Through the generous contributions and support of the Alpine Lakes High Camp, TrainingPeaks, Conduit CoffeeFremont Brewing, KIND Snacks, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, Dorothea CoffeeNext AdventureKombuchatown, and many volunteers, we were able to raise and donate $3,000.